Crazy Horse Info

A father and a daughter who aren’t speaking to one another, stuck in a van traversing South Dakota and hundreds of years of problematic American History. Out of gas at a deserted crossroads in the middle of nowhere, a provisional truce is forged…

This is a film about monuments and ruins, folded up in an allegory about a father and a daughter. Early drafts had dialogue, but I gradually realized that words just got in the way of what’s really going on. I processed the footage myself, in buckets in a darkroom, because I needed to spend time with it, frame by frame. Only 1400 feet of film were used, or approximately 40 minutes of raw footage, shot with an antique Bolex 16mm camera and processed by hand, giving the film its rough, uneven, ahistoric texture.


Crazy Horse, hand-processed B&W 16mm film, 12 minutes, 2014.

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