Hipsters of Des Moines

Apparently it’s occurring to more and more people that Iowa is actually a fine place to live, that it may not be worth upwards of $3000 rent for a small studio or one bedroom, in one of our major coastal metropolitan centers.

In a time when even smaller cities have some kind of organic co-op, and when good books and movies and art are accessible everywhere, people may be discovering that quality of life is determined, perhaps, more by free time and free space than by access to the most highly rarified and expensive cultural amenities available in western culture.

Perhaps the Myth of the Magical City is actually wearing off, in our generation, and the great middle of this nation will actually be repopulated by families, artists, intellectuals – who will grow grey and shake their heads, remembering the delirium of the early, decadent, bicoastal era of this 21st Century.

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