Desktop Documentary

It’s not everyday that an entirely new genre of media-making comes along, but this effort is pretty exciting:

Desktop documentary is an emerging form of filmmaking developed at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago by faculty artists such as Nick Briz, Jon Satrom and Jon Cates, and students such as myself [Kevin B. Lee], Yuan Zheng and Blair Bogin. This form of filmmaking treats the computer screen as both a camera lens and a canvas, tapping into its potential as an artistic medium. If the documentary genre is meant to capture life’s reality, then desktop recording acknowledges that computer screens and the internet are now a primary experience of our daily lives, as well as a primary repository of information. Desktop documentary seeks to both depict and question the ways we explore the world through the computer screen.

The whole 25-minute video is highly worth watching and sharing, and is far more substantive, intriguing and compelling than the $210 million dollar, 185-minute film production that is its subject.

More about the massive Chinese audience’s growing influence on global film production here.

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