One in Ten

This article in the Washington Post is mostly about white privilege in the art world, but contains a number of salient statistics and links, including the unsuprising figure that:

Art schools, as it happens, are also anything but a bridge to gainful employment in the art world: only one out of every 10 art school graduates goes on to earn his or her living as an artist.

And of course, that’s merely art-school grads, far from the sum total of people making art at any scope or scale.

Which leads me directly back to a post from about six months ago about The Business of Art, and why I think that it’s so deeply damaging to internalize the belief that every artist should be striving for the near-mythical status of Professional Artist.

Making art is not the sole provenance of that one-in-ten degree-holder who happens to be both extremely privileged and extremely gifted. Art is for everybody, and everybody who makes art is a real artist, however they earn a living.

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