Slow Down and Open Up

I intend to write more about “Unfolding Space and Enfolding Time” soon.

But in the meantime, I think I’ve figured out an even simpler formulation.

The conversation about media today often focuses on access to more, faster… more information, more content, more input. Personally, I find that this dynamic overwhelms me and causes me to close myself off and shut down in self defense, and I think I’m not alone in this – many or most of us have experienced the numbing effect on the emotions, and in fact, on the soul, of hours spent in front of glowing screens.

In my media art practice, I’ve found myself deeply uninterested in participating in this overwhelm, because I know that more and faster causes me to shut down and close off.

What I propose, and attempt, is to use media as an instrument to manifest a slowing down and opening up – by focusing on small things, quiet moments, the private and intimate; that which nurtures a sense of connectedness. I’ve found that media can actually be an incredible tool for gentle opening, in the right hands – but it’s a powerful tool that can easily be used to do violence.

So while a lot of the media stream is about More Faster and leads to Shut Down and Close Off, I’m attempting to use media as a humanist instrument, to encourage a Slow Down and Open Up.

Does that make sense?

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