Joe and Molly Getting Married

As a wedding present, I offered to shoot footage of Joe and Molly’s wedding in late 2008 with my super-8 camera. The space was pretty dimly lit so the whole night I was worried about whether anything would show up on the film at all…

Finally, after getting the film processed and transferred, I discovered to my relief that, though much of the film was too dark to be salvageable, there were some really beautiful (visible!) moments as well.

One thing I love about shooting this way is that unlike videography, where you can see what you’re getting all the time on the LCD screen, there’s an element of improvisation, guesswork and faith in shooting film. And, the end result, rather than being a dutiful record of basically every moment of the night, consists of impressionistic flashes of imagery – to me it feels more authentic in a way, in that it behaves as memory does.

When I think about an important event in my life, my brain doesn’t have a perfect, chronological record of everything that happened – your memory may be different, but mine is full of dense shadows and occasional, haunting, glorious moments of lucidity.

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