I’ve just begun to work on a new documentary project, inspired by my experience in a men’s group (kind of like group therapy, without the therapist), and the organization that the group is a part of, called “The ManKind Project.”

It’s hard to say exactly, but I’m guessing that it’ll take at least a year to gather all the footage, and we have to find money for the project too – but I’m very excited about it, and it looks like I get to work with some long-time collaborators, Dain Ingebretson and Charlie Borden.

I’ve decided to start another blog, to track the progress of that project, and explore and discuss all of the surrounding issues that come up… it’s called Masculine Myth.

Feel free to go check it out, and I do hope it’ll become a collaborative effort, so if you have content to suggest, links to articles, etc.. – don’t hesitate to let me know. I plan to post there at least a couple times a week.

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