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I don’t usually use this blog to talk about myself, but it makes a certain amount of sense to give a brief update here – and it has some bearing on the videos I’ll be posting in the future, I suppose.

I spent the second half of 2006 in Paris, and until recently I thought I was going back for at least the first half of 2007. Everything was in place for my return – I had an apartment lined up, a job, many friends, and an easy route to a Carte de Sejour.

When I talk to people about this, they generally say, “why on earth would you choose NOT to go back to Paris?”

I love it there, but after six months, I was starting to feel strangely uncreative. Though Paris has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful art and wonderful people, I realized that my inspiration as a writer and a filmmaker is here, in the US. And specifically, for the moment anyway, in Minnesota.

I have a lot of issues with the US, with the way Americans live and the way we see the world. But it is my home, and I’m stuck with it. Anything interesting that I can do artistically has to exist, I think, in the context of my culture and in my reaction to it.

Elsewhere, unless I were to actually commit to staying, and investing and integrating over a period of years, I can’t avoid being a tourist, on some level. Even in a place I know as well, and feel as strongly about, as France.

So for now, I’m in Minnesota. This’ll last at least six months, while I work on several projects here that are important to me. After that no doubt I’ll hear the siren song of the Pacific, once again… and we’ll see if it’s strong enough this time to draw me back.

I was worried that if I left the density and visual richness of Paris, I’d soon run out of video haiku material – but then I rediscovered the weather, the seasons here. I have several beautiful snowy scenes coming up – and it’ll be spring soon. And I’m collaborating with some fascinating actors on a project right now. And my cousin’s getting married in New Jersey in March, and my sister’s getting married in LA in June. And hopefully some Eurotrash friends will be flying over for a lengthy and convoluted road trip this summer.

I’m realizing that there will always be plenty of things for me to point a video camera at, wherever I end up. Which is an incredibly reassuring thought.

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  1. January 16, 2007 at 3:56 PM

    kev, you’re the greatest.

  2. January 19, 2007 at 10:29 AM

    Welcome back, man. Here’s to continuing the arc through the Great American Midwest. Those Parisians didn’t have enough romantic bleakness, anyhow.

  3. mvd
    January 21, 2007 at 5:27 PM

    My dear friend, somehow that decision was to be taken, and as i was slowly realizing it, i felt you were to take it soon. Many inattentive waiters in our smoky cafés heard our discussions about this : stones of Palais Royal that neither you or me could sculpt in a lifetime. You know that better than me now, Paris is a city that both thrills and dulls, and that companionship of the giants is a trap, and a beautiful one.
    I can freely think of you as a social writer, from now on. I’ve always known this, and it is good news. I’ve always known how concerned you can be.
    I don’t believe MN to be your home, but i believe that your stories want to take place in its landscapes, and that you need those stories to rise.
    Romance you’ve had, and plenty of wine too. You lived in the 1st and went shopping at the Monoprix Opéra. I remember you in a castle in Normandie, and you have honoured the best restaurants in town of your ample appetite. You have now friends in Rome and, this is true, an easy way to a carte de séjour. So now that coming is easy, the decision to stay seems right to me – it almost glows.
    You’ll make those movies of yours, and i’ll remember them as i remember the Coast. And we know that you’ll be back, because we love you too much to let you drink that Coppola’s wine for too long.
    la bise

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