Hockey Movie

Bryan (director) and Ashley (producer) tell the story of an independent feature film gone awry.

I want to be clear – the purpose of posting this is not to take pleasure in the misfortunes of fellow filmmakers. Everyone in the film industry shares production horror stories, for catharsis I guess; the more horrific, the better. This is one of the best I’ve heard.

Second in a series of “Life After Film School” interviews, shot in May of 2006, in Los Angeles – the first episode is here.

And, posted in violation of video haiku self-imposed rule A – this clip is about 10 minutes long.

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  1. November 28, 2006 at 8:33 PM


    I was meant to be the editor on the hockey-movie-that-turned-to-dust.

    It was probably the most surreal month of my life. At a certain point, I had to pack up the Avid and sneak it in the middle of the night from my hotel room to Marty’s parents’ house for safekeeping.

    The drive across Canada and down to LA is one of my fondest memories, though.

    It’s a shame because The Last Season could’ve been a really sweet movie. Like Karate Kid on ice, I like to say.

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