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I received a message the other day from Matt at the University of Iowa, who wanted to write something about Video Haiku for a class on videoblogging.

Needless to say, this was very gratifying – to have somebody take an interest in my work to the point of wanting to actually study it. I answered some questions for him, and I also referred him to this post, from the early days of this blog – which discusses some of the initial choices I made about format and presentation.

Meanwhile, I happily discovered that the haiku site tinywords is linking to Video Haiku – and in their FAQ, provide me with a tidy justification for my lack of a strict 5-7-5 structure in each post.

Also, I’ve been talking to my good friend Joe lately about storytelling. His favorite posts here, he says, are the ones with a mini-narrative – beginning, middle and end – reflecting our classical, hollywood cinema school training, no doubt. I have to agree; one of my goals with videohaiku, as with written haiku, is to distill an experience or a story into its essential elements – whether it takes the form of a journey, a progression, or an interaction.

Just felt the urge to link around a bit, today. Now, back to the movies.

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