size matters

Now that I have a sizeable chunk of server space, I’ve decided to create a larger and a smaller download option for each video haiku.

I’m talking about file size, not screen size: I’m very fond of the 320×240 pixel video window, and I think I’ll stick with that – but the “large file” link will take you to a less-compressed version of the video, featuring more detail in each frame and more frames per second.

The file size is roughly double; 3-5 mb for small, 8-10 for large. If you have a pretty fast connection, it’s probably worth the trouble to wait for the large file to download. This will matter more in some videos than in others – particularly the ones with a lot of movement.

I’ll gradually be going back through the videohaiku archive as well (over 60 posts already!) and adding the large file option – so feel free to browse through the older posts if you want to see them at higher quality. And, if you have any requests regarding which posts I recompress first, let me know in the comments here – I’d be more than happy to oblige.

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