The point

In an art history class in school, onceuponatime, we talked about the concept of “Optimum Viewing Distance.” For every painting, there’s a spot where the viewer is supposed to stand. You can stand wherever you want, of course, but at this spot, you’re seeing exactly what the artist intended for you to see. If you stand too close to a Monet, for instance, you kind of miss the point… same if you stand too far from a Degas.

“Optimum (Listening) Distance” applies to music, too – you have to get close to a jazz quartet or a folk singer, but U2 and Coldplay are designed and engineered for stadium shows.

Movies are no different. A movie in a big theatre is a fundamentally different experience from a DVD at home, from a tiny quicktime window on your laptop or iPod.

I think the internet, as it currently stands, is the first viable medium for truly small movies, intentionally small video pieces that you have to look at closely, from a foot or two away. Glimpses of beautiful things. And that’s what I’m exploring with “Video Haiku.”

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  1. November 18, 2006 at 11:33 PM

    Have you had the experience of holding them in your hand on an iPod?

    I really recommend it.

    The degree of connection and focus on these little parts, threaded together in whatever way the viewer finds his way through them on the blog, is something unique to this. I’m very interested in it.

    Glad to see someone else traveling down this road.

    Chris Weagel

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